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Why is fatigued driving a problem in the trucking industry?

Businesses thrive when they are able to maintain competitive edges over other entities that operate in their markets. For New Orleans businesses, this can mean getting products to consumers and stores faster than their competitors can to ensure that their items are noticed first and then purchased. Getting products out of manufacturing facilities and to retail centers in an efficient manner can involve the use of commercial trucks to carry those products throughout the state and to locations far beyond the borders of Louisiana.

However, in their efforts to move faster and farther to keep commerce moving, some truck drivers have engaged in the dangerous practice of driving beyond when it is safe for them to do so. When drivers operate their rigs in states of exhaustion and fatigue, they introduce risks to the roads that can affect them and every other person who is traveling near them. Since tired truck drivers are more likely than rested truck drivers to cause vehicle accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has implemented hours of service regulations that limit how long truck drivers may operate without taking restful breaks.

Brain injuries can vary in terms of type and severity

A brain injury can be a very serious medical condition that should be assessed by medical professionals. New Orleans residents who have been involved in accidents and who have exhibited symptoms of brain injuries should have their conditions evaluated by doctors as soon as possible. Although this post will review some of the types and symptoms of brain injuries it should not use used as medical or legal advice.

Brain injuries are often referred to as traumatic brain injuries ("TBI") and involve physical harm to a victim's brain. A concussion that does not render a victim unconscious may be a form of minor TBI; an injury caused by a foreign body penetrating the brain of a victim may result in a very serious TBI. Therefore, no two brain injuries may be exactly similar and a TBI victim's treatment plan will depend specifically on the facts of their injury.

Assistance in the aftermath of truck accidents

Semi-trucks are some of the most massive vehicles on the open road. Because of their size - nearly 80,000 pounds when fully loaded with cargo - these behemoths can cause catastrophic injuries when involved in accidents with smaller vehicles.

While the immediate aftermath of these incidents can be severely traumatic, the injuries sustained can have long-lasting effects. Whether because of traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, fractures, or crush injuries, victims of truck accidents face long and tough recoveries. Often times, these recoveries are also plagued with massive medical expenses.

Contractors: Be aware of the rules before you take work in Texas

With a truly massive cleanup ahead in Houston, many Louisiana contractors are looking for ways to help out. That's laudable, but any business law attorney will tell you that you should familiarize yourself with local licensing and insurance requirements before you begin any job in another state -- even if you plan to work for free or at low cost. There's no question that help will be needed, and the Times-Picayune has been collecting information on general requirements in a variety of industries.

Following are some highlights from the Times-Picayune article. If you have questions or concerns about the legal requirements to work on storm remediation, we recommend checking with a lawyer first.

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