Caring For A Loved One After Brain Injury

Living with the effects of a serious brain injury can be painful, frustrating, confusing and terrifying. Your life is being badly affected by your symptoms and you do not know when you will get better, if ever.

Having a family member with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can also be a tragic experience. Your loved one might now depend on you for many everyday tasks, transportation and supporting the entire household financially. You might spend most of your time taking care of him or her, and the strain may be taking a toll on your own well-being.

Get Legal Help For Your Loved One

We are Evans Law of Metairie, Louisiana. For more than 20 years, our law firm has been helping individuals and families in the New Orleans area who have been affected by catastrophic brain trauma. We understand how a head injury can affect an entire family, and we will do what is possible to ensure that your family is protected financially.

Paying For A Brain Injury

Having to pay for a hospital stay, rehabilitation and home health care can put a serious strain on your finances. When you retain one of the lawyers at Evans Law, we will put our skills and deep legal knowledge to work for you. After we obtain maximum compensation for you, you and your loved one can focus on recovery, not how to pay for it.

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