The Help You Need When A Loved One Has Suffered A Traumatic Brain Injury

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often a life-changing event and can lead to a lifetime of rehabilitation. TBI often causes a wide range of major, negative life impacts such as:

  • The inability to work — People are often unable to return to work. Even when they are able to return to work, they often earn less than they did previously.
  • Divorce — The stresses created by a TBI can lead to divorce. When a spouse's primary role becomes that of a caregiver, it can dramatically change the dynamic of the relationship.

Building A Comprehensive Picture Of The Full Impact

Our extensive experience helping those who have suffered a TBI allows us to understand what a jury needs to see to award the full compensation a person deserves. TBI affects so many aspects of people's lives from how they interact with their spouse and children to how well they are going to be able to care for themselves. It is essential that your attorney knows how to build a complete picture of how your life has changed. We know how to present a clear and compelling picture of the impact your TBI has had on the quality of your life.

Planning For The Rest Of Your Life

A strong case is able to take that full picture of how a TBI has impacted your life and use it to identify what you will need to help you make the most of the rest of your life. Rehabilitation and other medical care can have substantial costs over the course of a lifetime. I will pursue the full compensation you need to cover the costs of your medical needs.

More Than 20 Years Of Trial Experience

I am attorney Robert Evans of Evans Law. I understand the challenges people face after suffering a TBI. That understanding allows me to build comprehensive cases that identify all of a person's needs. Our experience building cases to help those suffering from TBI allows us to capture even the fine details of how this kind of injury can affect a person's life. We can help you secure the full compensation you need and deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Serving Metairie And The New Orleans Metropolitan Area

When a loved one is suffering from TBI, you need representation that understands the full complexity of how this injury harms a person. Turn to Evans Law for the skilled and experienced help you deserve. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 504-662-1195 or contact our office online.