Solid Legal Help After Burn Injuries

When people think of auto accidents and other terrible incidents, they usually think about broken bones, brain injuries and other blunt force trauma. But severe burns are also a common result of serious accidents. They can be extremely painful and have long-term effects on your health and well-being.

At Evans Law, we have practiced personal injury law since 1995. We have worked with hundreds of victims of catastrophic harm in the New Orleans area to get them maximum financial compensation from the individuals and businesses that caused their injuries.

Types Of Burns

Doctors divide burns into three categories based on their severity:

  • First-degree burns: redness, pain and swelling
  • Second-degree burns: red, white or splotchy skin; pain and swelling; blisters
  • Third-degree burns: burns down to muscle or bone; charring; breathing problems such as with carbon monoxide poisoning

While third-degree burns are the deepest and most serious, second-degree burns can cause a great deal of damage if they are widespread enough. While a fire injury may be the most common way to get burned, chemical burns are common in many industrial workplaces.

Paying For Treatment After A Severe Burn

A burn injury is usually extremely painful and often difficult to treat. You may need to undergo several skin grafts and other procedures before your burns are completely healed.

These procedures and other necessary medical attention can quickly get expensive. As your attorneys, we will hold responsible the individuals or businesses that let your burns happen. You will receive the most financial compensation available so you can focus on getting better.

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