Take Action Against Unfair Competition

Though vigorous competition is a cornerstone of business in Louisiana, there are laws protecting business owners from competitors that go too far. Evans Law is one of the leading business law firms in the New Orleans area, especially in litigation based on the Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices Act (LUTPA). We are ready to help you deal with an unfair competition dispute and resolve the matter fairly.

Unfair Competition Defined

"Unfair competition" refers to a deceptive or wrongful business practice against another business. It can mean a wide range of conduct, including:

  • Trademark infringement
  • Bait and switch tactics
  • Theft or misuse of trade secrets
  • False advertising that misleads the public about your products
  • Making misleading statements about products or services

Consumer protection laws give customers the right to fight back against unfair business practices. In Louisiana, businesses that have been similarly impacted by unfair competition can file a LUTPA claim. To do it right and enforce your business's rights, contact Evans Law. Our lawyers are among the leading LUTPA litigators in Louisiana. Under the terms of the law, you could be entitled to treble the damages you have suffered, plus attorneys fees and court costs.

Skilled Unfair Competition Defense

If your business is accused of unfair competition, you could face severe financial penalties and a major blow to your reputation with the public. One of our attorneys will mount a strong defense on your behalf and work to resolve the matter as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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