Avoid Deceptive Pricing Accusations

The advertising your business uses to attract customers should be memorable and convey a positive message about you. It also must follow the law.

To make sure you and your partners understand the laws regarding misleading advertising and deceptive pricing, consult Evans Law. Our attorneys are prepared to advise you on what is and is not permitted and to defend your business against a lawsuit. We are located in Metairie, Louisiana, and serve numerous businesses across the New Orleans area.

The Law And Your Prices

Most advertisements tout businesses' prices for their products or services. But you need to be careful about what you promise and how you phrase your ad materials, especially if you are advertising a sale or special offer.

For example, you are putting your business's financial health and reputation at risk if you:

  • Offer a false discount by claiming an item is "on sale" for the regular price or inflate the original price to claim a "sale" price that is the same as the real price
  • Make a "free" offer, but hide the price of the "free" item in another item customers must buy
  • Advertise a sale on an item with the intention of pressuring customers into buying another, more expensive product — a tactic known as "bait and switch."

The line between acceptable and illegal advertising can be hard to find. At Evans Law, our lawyers are well-versed in state and federal trade law, including the Louisiana Unfair Trade Practices Act. We will answer your questions and help protect you from litigation. And if a lawsuit does arise, we will vigorously defend your pricing practices in court.

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