Meet Attorney Robert Evans

For more than 20 years, I have dedicated to helping those who have been injured as well as business owners in need of counsel and advocacy. Those decades of experience have taught me how to achieve success for my clients in both of those practice areas. For those who have been injured, making sure that they have what they need to put their life together again is the primary focus. For business owners, knowing they are making the right decision or being able to efficiently and effectively resolve a dispute can be essential for the continued success of their business.

A key focus of the benefit I offer my clients is my skill as a litigator. I understand how to conduct the thorough investigations that act as the foundation for a strong case. I know how to analyze the evidence and create the strongest presentation of the facts to ensure that my clients have the best chance of securing the best possible outcome to their situation. I have won victories for my clients in the most challenging circumstances. Let me learn what success looks like for you and develop a plan to achieve that goal for you.

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